Magnus Opus – The Accidental Advertising Agency

A full-time advertising lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington, Michael Magnus found himself needing to supplement his income with the birth of his second child. After dabbling with a number of opportunities, picking up some freelance clients became the obvious solution for allowing his wife to stay home. It was a great idea, in theory, however immediately after signing several large clients, his wife got headhunted to go back to work, which created an upheaval in schedule.

Magnus began collaborating with his friends, former students, and business connections on ways to effectively sub-contract out some of the work, often teaching or training the freelancers to make sure client’s expectations were met. As a result, the projects were completed effectively, early, and under budget. Both the clients and freelancers were happy with the arrangement, which resulted in the ad hoc ad agency that is Magnus Opus; a punny reference to the Latin term meaning “One’s Great Life’s Work”.

Feel free to reach out to these freelancers directly, however it may be more cost effective, efficient, and flexible to work with the team.